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The S9X2 Furnace
The second model in the S-Series family, the S9X2

J & S AIR INC BBB Business Review
J & S AIR INC BBB Business Review

Commercial – Air Handlers

Commercial Air Handlers

Available with either single or variable speed motors, an air handler can make a significant contribution to the overall efficiency of your system. That’s because the more efficient your air handler is, the less work your outdoor unit has to do to make your home comfortable. Our brief feature descriptions will assist you in making the most informed choice.

Why Variable Speed?
A normal system cycles on and off at the same speed, the variable speed indoor units start at half speed and give the opportunity for the coil to get ice cold and then ramp up to 1/2 speed and finally to full speed if needed. There is a time delay between each speed. The benefits are more even temperatures and up to 3-4 times more humidity removal in cooling mode than a single speed unit. Variable speed gives you quit, efficient comfort.

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