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J & S AIR INC BBB Business Review
J & S AIR INC BBB Business Review

Air Conditioning Filters

When it comes to having air filters, it is important to have them replaced as recommended. Our experts will be able to look at your filters and tell you if you need a replacement or not. The average homeowner may be completely paralyzed about all the air conditioner filters that are available in the market. We know the type of filters that your home needs in order to reduce debris and dust around your home.
The experts at J & S Air will also be able to look over your air vents in order to tell you if there are any problems with leaking and the equipment. If you don’t change the air filter, the airflow goes down and the system’s performance is threatened. Not only that but, if the filter is too dirty, it starts to become a source of pollution within your home.
Any home activity can cause indoor air pollutants such as dust, mold and other allergens to become airborne and travel throughout your home. These pollutants can affect the health and well being of your family. Home air filters will capture these air borne pollutants as the air circulates through the HVAC system. When your HVAC is dirty, it no longer removes these pollutants and distributes them through your home. Our experts can help you run your system more efficiently.

Generic filters
generic-cheap-filterGeneric filters are the filters that most people buy for their home. They are inexpensive, but are so for a reason. The general rule is if you can see through the filter… air, dust, bacteria, contaminants, almost anything will get through pretty easily. You can buy a filter, or be a filter

Pleated Filter

Pleated filters catch much more than their generic counterparts and do not cost much more. A pleated filter catches far more dust, bacteria and allergens from the air and can greatly increase the life of your system, saving you money..


Washable Filter

washable-filterWashable filters are exactly what they sound like. They are much higher quality filters that instead of being replaced every month, you can simply wash them out. Since it is not disposable you can buy a high quality filter that pulls a large percentage of contaminents from the air and still makes sense financially. These fitlers are excellent for homes with smoking or pet odors, as well as anyone who has allergy issues or asthma.


Electrostatic Filter

Electrostatic Filters are non-disposable filters that run a small electrical charge through them. They give maximum air flow while still removing many of the allergens, odors, dust, bacteria and viruses that can exist in your home. Electrostatic filters are excellent for families with allergy issues, asthma issues or families that find themselves getting sick often.

Hepa Filters

These are the filters used in many hospitals and schools. They are excellent at filtering out germs, bacteria, allergens and viruses from the air and are the highest quality filter money can buy. They aren’t expensive, but can restrict airflow and needs to be change and maintained regularly.

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