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J & S AIR INC BBB Business Review
J & S AIR INC BBB Business Review

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Residential Air Cleaners

A Cleaner Environment For Your Family
We know the indoor air quality of your home is important to you. That’s why you may breathe easier after installing an electronic air cleaner. It removes unwanted pollutants – particles like dust, pollen, animal hair and dander, dust mites, mildew, lint, fungus, smoke and cooking grease, even bacteria. An air cleaner actually draws the dirt out of the air, so your wallpaper and paint stay cleaner longer. And, you don’t have to clean draperies, upholstery and other furnishings as often. Your entire environment benefits from an electronic air cleaner. And think about it, your carpet and drapery cleaning bills could benefit also.

It’s A Simple Solution
Here’s how an electronic air cleaner works. The air in your home circulates through your heating or cooling system, carrying millions of airborne particles through the ductwork. When this air goes through an electronic air cleaner, the pre-filter traps the majority of the large particles. The smaller particles continue to pass through the pre-filter and receive a positive electrical charge. Collector plates, which carry a negative charge, attract these small particles like magnets, holding them until they’re washed off. Cleaner, filtered air is then circulated throughout your home.

Why upgrade filtration?
We offer everything from a 1″-5″ pleated filters to the industries best air filtration systems on the market that can catch up to 99.98% of air borne allergens. That is more than 100 times more effective than a standard 1″ filter. The upgraded air filtration systems catch more dust, bacteria, mold spores and pet dander down to .1 microns. These systems deliver cleaner air resulting in a decrease of dust and allergies.

Relief For Allergy Sufferers
If you or any member of your family has allergies, an electronic air cleaner could mean welcome relief. Allergy-aggravating particles are significantly reduced, meaning fewer symptoms and a healthier environment.

Adding an air cleaner to your central cooling and heating system can make an enormous difference in the indoor air quality of your home. And, it helps keep it clean too, while using less energy than a 40-watt bulb.

Filter Effectiveness Ratios:
Filter Effectiveness Ratios

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